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Founder message

It is ... in I support manufacturing, and is kind to the earth, water-treating it
German poet Goethe says, "I am not discouraged if there are only water and air and love this of light and the friend" in the book of verse.
I am engaged in work of this person and important "water" following a command for the earth, and what I invite time for 41 years with growth since its formation and was able to send is a place thanking deeply.
I will repeat efforts every day in future to meet a problem and a request to trade the joy to be engaged in "work of the water" carefully with the times, and to go.
It is ... interestingly happily brightly
If work is fun interestingly for the life, it will become rosy.
"The rosy life" produces an active action open and above board every day and becomes spirited.
It symbolizes happiness for a person "to be spirited", and occasionally make a person come near; become attractive, and become the index. "It is interesting happily brightly" is born as company policy of our company since the 20th anniversary of the foundation of 1990 and is a word born for what kind of difficulty sharing an impression with employees cooperation user, cooperation supplier, and wrestling.
It is ... towards a company for 100 years
Thanks to you, shineikagakusangyo became able to help with the improvement to solve a trouble to affect on-site water of the manufacturing. I sympathized with a posture and an environmental awareness of the manufacturing of the customer, and our technical improvement was planned by answering it.
On the earth, water without dying exists. However, there are a few water pure in that and water to be able to keep alive. I am given a mission to make the water which it gave life to and am the determination that at first aims at 100 years, and pushes on.
I hope that I have more support continuously.
The chairperson Suzuki public welfare
"The earth was blue" You must never make a past form
The earth … We catch the life on this beautiful star shining blue.
The water contributes to the fact that I shine blue.
I use the limited resources "water" more efficiently carefully, and we human being coexists with every thing, and progress must continue developing.
"The earth was blue"… You must never make a past form. We accomplish a change of the business and are assuming water-treating it the main duties now.
I appreciate that I can be engaged in our business, and we improve the technology and raise human nature and clean world water and contribute to progress development of the humanity.

Representative director Katsuo Suzuki

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Chuo, Misato-shi, Saitama 2-12-10
TEL. 048-953-1616
FAX. 048-953-1688

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