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The company which grows with water, and prospers
You it
I matched it with the business environment of the customer
I suggest is kind to the earth, water-treating it.
Through a system to water-treat, we contribute to the community,
I will push on to become the foundation of the better social infrastructure.

Company profile

From a system cartridge to water-treat to large equipment.
We perform pure water, super demineralizer drainage recycling of systems architecture of mounting it, production sale and maintenance management in a general maker of the water treatment equipment. In addition, I wrestle so that environment, cost performance improvement can help it at the suggestion utilized the characteristic of various devices and ion-exchange resin.


The latest information

The detailed map from this

Chuo, Misato-shi, Saitama 2-12-10
TEL. 048-953-1616
FAX. 048-953-1688

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